Magic Tree House books(English book & Japanese book)

マジック・ツリーハウス(Magic Tree House)

Magic tree house series number of circulations is over 114 million copies worldwide.
(More than 49 million parts in the US and 4.5 million parts in Japan)

Japanese version is for 3rd to 4th grade elementary school students (8 to 10 years old).

By comparing the English version and the Japanese version, it helps studying English (Japanese).



Comparison table between Japanese Ver. and English Ver.

The English version is divided into three series.

  1. “Magic Tree House books” are for readers ages 6–9.
  2. “Magic Tree House Merlin Mission books” are for readers ages 7-10.
  3. “Magic Tree House Super Edition books” are longer than “Magic Tree House books” and “Magic Tree House Merlin Missions”.

The Japanese version has no distinction from “Magic Tree House Merlin Mission books” in the English version, and there are also two stories in one book.
日本語版には、「Magic Tree House Merlin Mission books(マジックツリーハウス・マーリンミッションブック」との区別がなく、また、1冊に2つの物語が入ったものもあります。

I made a correspondence chart between English versus Japanese books because it is difficult to tell which stories are in which books.



1.Magic Tree House books

English booksJapanese books
1Dinosaurs Before Dark1恐竜の谷の大冒険
2The Knight at Dawn
3Mummies in the Morning2女王フュテピのなぞ
4Pirates Past Noon
5Night of the Ninjas3アマゾン大脱出
6Afternoon on the Amazon
7Sunset of the Sabertooth4マンモスとなぞの原始人
8Midnight on the Moon
9Dolphins at Daybreak5SOS! 海底探険
10Ghost Town at Sundown
11Lions at Lunchtime6サバンナ決死の横断
12Polar Bears Past Bedtime
13Vacation Under The Volcano7ポンペイ最後の日
14Day of the Dragon King
15Viking Ships at Sunrise8古代オリンピックの奇跡
16Hour of the Olympics
17Tonight on the Titanic9タイタニック号の悲劇
18Buffalo Before Breakfast
19Tigers at Twilight10ジャングルの掟
20Dingoes at Dinnertime
21Civil War on Sunday11戦場にひびく歌声
22Revolutionary War on Wednesday
23Twister on Tuesday12夜明けの巨大地震
24Earthquake in the Early Morning
25Stage Fright on a Summer Night13愛と友情のゴリラ
26Good Morning Gorillas
27Thanksgiving on Thursday14ハワイ、伝説の大津波
28High Tide in Hawaii
29A Big Day For Baseball43背番号42のヒーロー
30Hurricane Heroes in Texas44伝説の巨大ハリケーン
31Warriors in Winter45古代ローマ黄金のワシ
32To the Future, Ben Franklin46※未発売



2.Magic Tree House Merlin Mission books

English booksJapanese books
1Christmas in Camelot15ドラゴンと魔法の水
2Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve16幽霊城の秘宝
3Summer of the Sea Serpent17聖剣と海の大蛇
4Winter of the Ice Wizard18オオカミと氷の魔法使い
5Carnival at Candlelight19ベネチアと金のライオン
6Season of the Sandstorms20アラビアの空飛ぶ魔法
7Night of the New Magicians21パリと四人の魔術師
8Blizzard of the Blue Moon22ユニコーン奇跡の脱出
9Dragon of the Red Dawn23江戸の大火と伝説の龍
10Monday with a Mad Genius24ダ・ヴィンチ空を飛ぶ
11Dark Day in the Deep Sea25巨大ダコと海の神秘
12Eve of the Emperor Penguin26南極のペンギン王国
13Moonlight on the Magic Flute27モーツァルトの魔法の笛
14A Good Night for Ghost28嵐の夜の幽霊海賊
15Leprechaun in Late Winter29ふしぎの国の誘拐事件
16A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time30ロンドンのゴースト
17A Crazy Day with Cobras31インド大帝国の冒険
18Dogs in the Dead of Night32アルプスの救助犬バリー
19Abe Lincoln At Last33大統領の秘密
20A Perfect Time For Pandas34パンダ救出作戦
21Stallion at Starlight35アレクサンダー大王の馬
22Hurry Up Houdini!36世紀のマジック・ショー
23High Time for Heroes37砂漠のナイチンゲール
24Soccer on Sunday38サッカーの神様
25Shadow of the Shark40カリブの巨大ザメ
26Balto of the Blue Dawn41走れ犬ぞり、命を救え!
27Night of the Ninth Dragon42アーサー王と黄金のドラゴン



3.Magic Tree House Super Edition books

English bookJapanese book
1Danger in the Darkest Hour39第二次世界大戦の夜